Sunday, September 21, 2008

Faculty/Staff Mentoring Program

UNCG has recently placed tremendous emphasis on the importance of mentoring. The University Libraries has one of the more established mentoring programs, but there are several other university-wide efforts. One program, the New Faculty mentoring program, brings together new untenured faculty with tenured faculty who have won teaching or research excellence awards. I am participating in the pilot program this year and will blog on that periodically. I would encourage our untenured faculty to consider applying for next year’s round.

In addition, the Office of Multicultural Affairs in partnership with the Provost’s office and the Division of Student Affairs, started a pilot mentoring program last spring. This program focuses on mentoring undergraduates, primarily first generation college students. Although they had a large amount of interest from faculty and staff, students haven’t been as quick in joining the program. After a couple of years of successful mentoring relationships, however, I hope that more students will see the importance of this program.

I was lucky and was paired up with a, then, second-semester freshman named Audrianna. She is an aspiring nurse, a first generation college student, and the loving mother of two really cute dogs! While I may not be able to answer all of her questions, I have enjoyed getting to know her and am excited about working with her through her college career. I think she sees the benefits too of being able to check in regularly with someone who cares about her success. The Office of Multicultural Affairs also provides support to the mentors in assisting their mentees (or proteges).

If you are interested in getting involved either now or in the future, please contact Alta Thornton or Audrey Lucas at the Office of Multicultural Affairs. While they may not have a student at the moment, they would welcome offers of assistance and eager participation.

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