Thursday, March 26, 2009

TRI-IT Spring 2009 @ Elon -- PART 2

Campus updates:

  • Elon: Meeting w/ faculty to find out how they integrate with technology and how to better support them on their own ground. Created Gallery Builder using PHP as a collection of faculty's research that can be produced in poster form. Syllabus Collection online (voluntary) . Using blogs, wikis, podcasting for faculty. Wordpress software on their server. Wetpaint wikis. Video - such as clips of chemistry faculty showing howto use various tools and techniques. Flip cameras can be borrowed by faculty to use in their classes.
  • UNC: Voice Thread new Web 2.0 tool to create discussion and annotation around multi media objects. E-textbooks project. Lost Second Life and some IT training staff due to budget cuts. Distance learning is increasing tremendously.
  • Wake Forest: Using Sakai and Moodle. Studio for recording lectures in the library. Been supporting blogs, wikis and podcasts for a while including running their own server of these applications.
  • Duke: Duke Digital Initiative for next year; planning for instructional tech showcase April 24, 2009

Peda-Blogy Session
Rick Palmer/Matt Lewis (Elon)
Professor wanted to make her classes' group project/powerpt presentation more interactive, collaborative, and 21st century. Decided to try a blog: classroom presentation as knowledge sharing collaboration in creation of a resource on a topic. (using Wordpress) Responses --> Students like the idea of doing it on their own time, whenever they wanted, valued final project, thought there were only minor tech glitches. Faculty thought it was easy simple and clean (IT assisted to make this easy for them) and liked the less "present" time in class and more active learning and fun. Check out it out:

Web 2.0 Applications and Usage
  • Lauren Pressley (WFU): Do training on how to use the tools and host some as well for librarians and faculty/staff on campus. Role of the library is to archive and preserve things happening on campus thus use Blogs wikis and podcasting. Will sit down with anyone to figure out the best tool for them. Use facebook, flickr, etc as a course management tool. Multimedia projects supported by library. Will teach a class to train the students for a prof on a tool. Google calendaring to embed. Google Voice starting to use. Twitter and 12seconds (like twitter but with video) TED talks invite others to join in. Nings!
  • Randy Piland(Lecturer in Communications @ Elon) & Scott Hilldebrand (Dir of Instruc Tech @Elon): Suggested some new tools - VuVOx collage (video) (magazine publishing portal) (photos & videos, search by theme, w/ captions, through all news archives) Thumbstrip - firefox plug in, add various sites and they appear as thumbnails in bottom of screen (preloaded and ready to gofor a class)Photosynth (MS, people submit photos and it pulls similar ones together). Kalabo (online music collaboration) Glypho (create a story collaboratively)
Cool Tools Sharing Session

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