Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From the Staff Development Committee’s “Open House Sub-Committee”

Over the past year, many people in departments throughout the Jackson Library and the Music Library hosted “Open Houses” inviting peers into their realms to experience what each department does for our patrons and faculty.

Through the Staff Development Committee and organized by the Open House Sub-Committee, the University Libraries staff was invited to visit each department for an hour where brief tours were performed of the departments, snacks were shared, and most importantly staff were given a chance to meet or re-acquaint with the faces behind all the great accomplishments that are done daily.

Although it was fun to see the “aged” donut in Preservation Services and to get a look at the Music Library’s organ, the intent of each open house was to bring to light the individuals who bring the University Libraries to life each and every day. Interest was regularly high with attendance by 20-25 people for each open house. Also, departments added their own personal touch by providing snacks – many of which were homemade and amazing!

The departments that participated in the open house program were SCUA, Reference, Access Services, Music Library, ERIT, Preservation Services, Acquisitions and Cataloging. The Administration Office will have an open house in the fall of ’09.

Thank you to everyone who attended the open houses and also, of course, thank you to the hosts of each open house as they invited their peers into their workspaces! Watch for the Administration Office open house in the fall and for the next round of open houses sometime in the future.

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