Friday, November 5, 2010

Library Assessment Conference

Library Assessment Conference, October 24-27, 2010, Baltimore, MD

Mike Crumpton & I attended this conference for the 2nd time. Once again, it was very valuable in providing both philosophical overviews and practical advice for assessment projects. Rather than give a blow by blow account of the sessions I attended I’ll just give some highlights. The overall theme was that we need to emphasize our value. There weren’t a whole lot of solutions but that is the big question. I encourage folks to check out the presentations on the conference web site:

The Proceedings will be published as well. And be thinking about the 2012 conference in September in Charlottesville, VA – nice and close!

  • We’ve gone through 7 stages of assessment from chaos to new metrics. We now focus on process rather than product.
  • We need to organize date by outcome
  • Some think library space is the future major purpose of libraries. We need to assess how space affects learning and creating new knowledge. Also need to take virtual space into consideration.
  • Assessment needs to be about value not quality. (does good rather than is good). Customer drives values.
  • We need to assess how we help achieve institutional goals

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