Monday, August 8, 2011

FREE online consumer health information workshops

Hi all,

The NN/LM office for N.C. and other Southeast/Atlantic Region States is offering FREE online workshops on consumer health information for library staff.

I just finished their "Snakeoil" workshop (evaluating consumer health info). It was informative, well designed, and VERY convenient. Over the course of a month, I had the opportunity to log into Moodle at any time to read NN/LM advice on evaluating sites, post my own evaluations, and discuss concerns with other library staffers. The students were a mix of medical librarians and staff from public and special libraries - a varied and interesting group! There was one synchronous/interactive discussion at the end of the course. The course came with 3 hours of continuing education credit, but many students spent more than 3 hours on the work.

If you're interested in free online consumer health information workshops from the NN/LM SeA staff, check out this page -


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