Friday, November 30, 2012

Webinar: virtual internship and international libraries

On Wednesday November 28, 2012,  I hosted a webinar  about a recent virtual internship project and international libraries. As the UNCG Distance Education Librarian,  I am hosting my second international virtual intern through the DILL (Digital Libraries Learning, an international elite masters program of Erasmus Mundus)  My student last year was in Uzbekistan (view webinar/read about experience) but this year I am hosting a student in Germany. We met when I visited as a guest lecturer in Parma, Italy in September 2012 for the DILL program.  For the webinar, Annabelle Koester presented information on her DILL program experience and her virtual internship with me, as well as a brief overview of university and libraries in Germany.

Listen to the webinar presentation!   and view her slides:

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