Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Big Data in the Library – Providing Business Critical Analytics

From Kathy Bradshaw

On September 12, I attended “Big Data in the Library-Providing Business Critical Analytics” presented by the North Carolina chapter of the Special Libraries Association.  This session could be considered a practical session, designed to show how libraries are using data analytics in their own libraries.  Many of the members of the Special Libraries Association work in the private sector (law firms, corporations, etc.) but there are members that are public or academic librarians.  These are often solo librarians that may not get the opportunity to take advantage of learning opportunities that academic librarians do.  One of the presenters was a professor at NCCU’s School of Library and Information Science and she talked about the way that librarians can use big data to help teaching faculty with their research projects. 
The program was held at Wake Tech in Raleigh, and the program featured the newly formed Business Analytics department at Wake Tech.  Wake Tech offers an Associate’s Degree in Business Analytics (in person and online) and there is at least one librarian enrolled in the program.  This librarian presented a session, showing how she is using what she learned and using that information in her library.  This presenter (she works for a local public library) is using what she has learned to analyze traffic patterns throughout the branches in her library system, assess programming attendance, and possibly address staffing volumes. 
The people in the Business Analytics are looking for real-life issues for their students to study and analyze.  If you are interested in learning more about the Business Analytics program or have a problem that would be of interest to the students in the program, click on the link below:

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