Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Library Assessment Conference

Mike Crumpton and I attended this biennial conference last week in Seattle.  I found it very productive.  They changed things from previous conferences and added lightning talks as well as longer papers and panels which provided the opportunity to gain a wider range of ideas.  Most of the presentations are available on the conference website.  Between us we had 3 presentations so UNCG was well-represented!

Rather than doing a blow-by-blow I'll summarize some main points from the conference and encourage you to look at the ppts.

 - Library should be indispensable partner
-  University needs to be able to find our data
-  Align w/ organizational goals (not new but good to remember)
-  Leverage data to reshape library
-  Create culture of inquiry
-  Libraries as educational leaders
-  Student confidence is key to retention and success and we can help them be confident!

Teaching and Learning

- several presentations on using rubrics to assess authentic student work products
- curriculum mapping by analyzing syllabi
- great presentation from UNCW about their embedding in Gen Ed
 - interesting presentation using Toulmin method to analyze research questions and critical thinking

Space and Services

 - Va Tech had roving students do regular observations and interview and took photos
 - Consortium in Ontario analyzed chat service and learned quick greeting and prompt replies very important
- U of Louisville did something similar to our IARC study to rearranged service areas on their 1st floor.

Assessing Liaisons

At the U of Maryland, they developed performance guidelines for liaisons  (these had actually been developed at Penn State; one of the presenters had worked there previously.  They developed competencies and criteria based on these guidelines and use rubrics to evaluate the liaisons.  These are part of the annual work plan performance evaluation and is discussed between the liaison and supervisor.  The process involved lots of forums and group meetings.  The presenters have an upcoming book on this from ACRL -- Daniel Mack and Gary White.

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